History Of Stock Market ?

Before that, know what is the purpose of stock market? stock market is a tool for the company, those who need money, they leave some shares of the company in the market(stock exchange) and take their money from investors, which later invests in the expansion of the company. In short words, for some needs of the company, the company raises money from the stock market by just registering their company in stock exchange.

So is this not possible apart from the stock exchange, is it not possible? Absolutely possible, but is it possible for the company to reach every single industry or individual? No, then only stock exchange is needed, you just have to list your company and investors will automatically come to invest in it.

It used to be the same earlier also the industry had to find investors but only then the stock exchange was formed and it became easy for the company to raise money

Amazing Facts About the History of the Stock Market.

The world's first stock exchange was established in Amsterdam by VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie), which is in the year 1611. The first company to be listed on that stock exchange is The Dutch East India Company, also known as the United East India Company.

What would be the history of America? So we know the stock of America, which is the New York Stock Exchange, which is not the first stock exchange established in America, before that the Philadelphia. Stock Exchange was established in 1790, which was earlier known as The Board of Brokers of Philadelphia. Two years later, in 1792, the New York Stock Exchange was created.

You will not believe the New York Stock Exchange was founded after a meeting held under a buttonwood tree, which was done by only 24 people who were just stockbrokers.

As the meeting of the New York Stock Exchange was held under a booterwood tree, in the same way, there were only 5 brokers who made the Indian Stock Exchange, which we know today as BSE, who took the decision to make BSE under a banyan tree. in the year 1850. Bombay Stock Exchange is known as the oldest stock exchange in Asia, which we know was discussed in 1850 but it was established in 1875 by a Jain businessmen named Premchand Raichand.

After that two stock exchanges were born in India, one of which was the Calcutta Stock Exchange and the other was the Madras Stock Exchange. The Calcutta Stock Exchange was established in 1908 and only a few years after that, in about 1920, the Madras Stock Exchange was established.