Afraid Of Stock Market ?

Understand that you are not the only one who thinks this, you will find a lot of people who invest with their eyes closed, after listening to their stories, the stock market is seems like gambling to you. If you think so, then you should be happy on fixed deposit returns and if you want to follow the path of value investing, then no other way will be good for you like the stock market.

It has to be said that there are risks in the stock market, but if you go with a discipline and proper education, then the risk potential becomes absolutely zero. After that no one can stop you from making a good wealth from the stock market.


The stock market is such a place where you can buy or sell shares of different companies. But first of all, it is very important for you to know the meaning of what stocks (shares) are, if you are going to invest your money in the stock market.

For Ex:

In simple language, if you join with someone and set up a shop and you invest half the money in it, then you become the owner of 50% in that shop. And you become entitled to 50% shares of that shop. Similarly, instead of two, four people invest equal money in that shop, then all the people will be called 25% owner of that shop and they will be entitled to 25% shares. On being the owner of the share, the shareholder is equally entitled to the profit and loss in the company.

There are many exchanges on which there are listed companies and you can buy and sell those listed shares with a your personal DEMAT ACCCOUNT.

You must be aware that the price of each share keeps changing frequently in the stock market. Day by day the shares of a particular company’s rise, some of them fall, in some companies, people buy more and some do not even look at the company. These fluctuations have a great impact on the country's economy. Or we can also say that the listed company and its share price in the country contributes a lot to the fall or rise of the economy. By the way, people see that the stock market is a place to buy and sell stocks. But it is also called the heartbeat of the country or heartbeat of economy in another language.

Safe to invest in stock market?

For every work, as there is a government, taking full responsibility of that work, all the work going on in it, takes care of how to run it according to the rules and laws. In the same way, there is a government in the stock market which we call SEBI, which takes care that nothing goes wrong by keeping every news of the stock market. It is easy to say that anyone will set up his own company and will raise money by listing that company in the stock market. To do this, every company has to go through some rules and regulations of SEBI which are very strict and other than following it, the company has no other way. SEBI does not give approval to any company so easily that go and get listed, they check all the papers privately and take out all the raw material of the company's tax and then only that company is approved Only after that, the process of buying and selling shares starts for the retail investor and the demand and supply game starts.

The stock market is such a wake that your money can be completely mixed in the soil and the same thing can also make you a millionaire. Investing in the stock market gives a great lesson to a person, if you invest with proper knowledge, you’ll get a lot more knowledge of the company, so that you make yourself knowledgeable. How do they handle everything about the company? How they stand in front of a competitor, even if something worst happens? Knowing its real reason can tell you a lot.