Stock Exchange

Before knowing about stock exchange, let us understand the meaning of exchange, its simple meaning is to give something in return for taking something. If we are taking something, then it is certain that we will have to give something in return, this transaction is called an exchange.

Now the stock exchange is such a place where we have to pay money to get the bonds, stocks of a company and securities for example banks securities. We cannot buy all the company's stocks, the company which is listed or registered in the stock exchange, we can buy only that company's shares.

Some of Famous Stock Exchanges:

A company which is fundamentally strong but no one is paying attention to it, it can happen in such a company that by listing on the stock exchange, it can increase liquidity and by attracting people, it can get the support of good investors, due to which the valuation of that company can also be improved

It is not that a company can list its stock in any one exchange, there are many such stocks in the market which are listed in two or more exchanges. One of the main reasons for this may be that to attract outside investors, everyone can have a different approach to doing business