Macro Economy

Macro means big macro economy means some big factors which affect the economy in very high percentage. Macro Economy is a type of economy, through which the complete study of some major resources of the country is done.


Every country has GDP, which is calculated on the basis of goods and services produced in that country. The calculation of GDP of any country is done on the basis of income production and expenditure coming from it.


Inflation is such a factor that we are connected even though we do not want it, it is also a component of a macro economy. There is a lot to say about this, but you only know that if the GDP of the country decreases, then inflation increases. Technically “GDP and Inflation are inversely proportional to each other”


There is another factor in the macro economy that is directly connected to us, which is employment or unemployment. Productive capacity of economy

Demand and supply

Micro Economy

When it comes to micro, we all know that micro means small and microeconomics means to study of the economy on a small scale, like an individual worker, the decision of a factory taken by studying the resources inside a country, such as its Dependent demand and supply of a product.

To be said in more detail, if the consumption of any product is increasing, it means that the demand for that product will also increase and its price will also increase and then the manufacturers of those products will also increase.

That is to say that this is all a game of demand and supply and the study of this thing is a small part of the microeconomics. The market of a country, such as the stock market, where the share price keeps on changing on the basis of demand and supply.