Many people consider crypto as a threat today, it is such that its movement is happening in a very terrible way. Like recently, Elon Musk sir, just by writing something on Twitter, there was a sudden movement in the cryptocurrency called Doge.

This happened later, let's first know that what is this crypto currency after all. Today, in the age of computers, some people have taken out a currency which does not exist physically, are you surprised to hear that? It is true that crypto currency is an electronic currency which is made only for exchange, it means you can exchange but cannot physically touch it. And there is no need of bank for exchange, like we use bank for money transfer in normal method and we can do it from our computer or mobile phone also.

Can you convert crypto currency to normal currency? Yes, of course it is possible only for you to have a third party app that will help you convert that currency into cash, and if you are finding it difficult to do this, then you can also take your money by selling that crypto currency.In this way you can convert crypto into cash and it is also much more secure.

Is Crypto Good For Investing?

By the way, it has to be said that there is a lot of risk in crypto, because of its sudden movement, this thing is bound to come to mind. As we all know that by far the best way for investment is the stock market. Because we can get an idea of its growth from the performance of that company. It is also easy to predict the stock price in the stock market because here there are many tools in the form of indicators. So we do not think that this is the time for those who think about all this. Those who have the ability to take risk can definitely invest in crypto.By the way, do not tie anyone's hands, after all everyone is the master of his own will.

Father of Crypto: Satoshi Nakamoto

Must have heard the name, the man who disappeared Satoshi Nakamoto, who made the world aware of crypto in 2008, and it was he who created the world's first cryptocurrency, after that almost 3 years later he never appeared.

how to get started in crypto ?

  1. First you have to choose a good broker for an exchange

  2. create your account on it and verify

  3. Deposit the amount you want to invest

  4. choose crypto and buy it

  5. Choose a Storage Method